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World Eucation Assistance to Stay In School Team


was created to assist with the education of children. This will be inclusive of funds, educational tools and equipment to ensure that children have access to resources to build and sustain their future. We are dedicated to working with organizations, children, families and their communities to help the youth reach their fullest potential.

WEASIST, Inc. is a not-for-profit IRS Code 501(c) 3 Organization, established in 2009, based in the state of Georgia, USA. The organization undertakes several programs that intervenes positively on behalf of young people with a variety of needs. These programs are summarizes as follows:

      Provide educational materials to underprivileged children and their families.
      Help to improve literacy by tutoring children who are lacking the required skill sets in various subjects.
      Support positive reinforcement youth seminars.
      Assist with educating at risk teens about the benefits of literacy.
      Sponsor Youth Recognition Days with fun, games and team building exercises.

Our Mission

Our vision and purpose is wrapped into one encapsulating mission statement:

To aid in the advancement of children by providing the resources necessary to obtain a solid, well rounded education.


Understanding how things in the world around us work.


Trying new ideas to solve the world's big problems.


Having the stamina to keep improving and developing one idea.


Positive change starts with educating children

Community Programs

Our ongoing book drives allows us to collect and distribute books to schools as well as underprivileged children for their independent reading.

We have operated learning programs where we opened the world of reading, mathematics, problem solving and public speaking to children. With your support we can develop a program to also include the arts, computer training, music and sports. At WEASIST, we are empowering children to perform extraordinary acts.

In Jamaica since 2011, we have donated school supplies and educational materials to the staff and students at the Tydixon Basics school in St. Ann, Kiddy Caring Basic school and Rousseau Primary School in Kingston. We have purchased and installed a water tank and improved sanitation at the Tydixon Basic school by constructing stand pipes and improving plumbing for bathrooms. We have donated building materials to improve the structure at the Kiddy Caring Basic school. At Christmas, toys are donated to the Rousseau Primary and Kiddy Caring Basic schools so that students can have gifts during the season.

Participation is Everything.


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Partners In Education

DeKalb County School

We thank our network of supporters who donate their resources, money and time to the humanitarian work of WEASIST.

We are privelged to put their compassion into action. Because of their generosity we have been able to donate books, computers, furniture, clothes, bicycles, shoes, coats, blankets, heaters, food, toys, vacuum cleaners and several other household items to needy families.

Board of Directors

Helping children in need, and seeing them enjoy their youth inspires a fundamental drive in all of us that we believe is inherent in our nature. Clearly defined, the hope we intend to provide is an optimistic attitude with the expectation of positive outcomes.

Carolyn McNeish
Clive McNeish
Vice President
Joy White
Brittany McNeish

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